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Catchies Trend Team

Want to join the Catchies Trend Team?

We are now accepting enthusiastic Catchies supporters on our new Trend Team!

Our selected Team will help share their love of Catchies online and in the gym! All the details are below! 


-35% off your first purchase (after joining the team) with Catchies

-Personal discount on all purchases

-1 free pair of Catchies per year (provided all Trend Team requirements are upheld)

-Advanced purchase opportunities on new band releases

-Online exposure from Catchies Social Media

-Opportunity to vote on new designs

-Participation in Trend Team Challenges throughout the year

-Give input on future designs!



-Post and tag Catchies (@catchiesbands) at least 2-3x/month (also- #catchies #catchiesbands #traintrendy)

- Maintain Positive attitude and enthusiasm -Code must be used at least 3-4x in a year to remain on the team (no outside sales required, we reward and love LOYALTY! While not required, you  are welcome to share your code!)

-Must remain an active follower and participant with Catchies accounts and posts

-Must not publicly (online) endorse or promote any other wristbands (loyalty counts😉)

Sound Great??  Next steps....


Fill out the form below! 

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